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December 22, 2009

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The LWPS Team seeded this - your personal - blog with this post so that you could see it when you clicked on "Your Blog" in the far upper left corner of this webpage.

Please read this post about "Why is creating career/lifework planning posts in my personal blog so important?".

To create another post, just click the "Post a new entry" link in the upper left corner of this post above the iconic silhouetted image with the question mark "?". (More about creating posts.)

Please COPY this post to your personal blog and tell us how you found LWPS and what you hope to get out of it1.

This is your post to do with as you please or to leave it as it is. When you are ready, just click the "Edit" link below and make any changes you wish.

Click Getting started with your LWPS account. here or in your Brief Description box to the right.

 (Here is the original source for this post. Here is a list of all seeds. Check back, it may have changed.)

1 If your do nothing with your account over the next few months, you will receive an email with the content of this post.

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