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Brief description

Click here to learn how you can develop this very important webspace called your "Brief Description" located in "Your Profile" to provide hyperlinks to key communities and posts in your personal blog and throughout LWPS.

Key posts in my personal blog

  1. My LifeWork 1) Portal 2) Plans 3) ePortfolios and 4) Profiles (all)

  2. (One or two other key aggregating personal blog posts here.)

Key LWPS posts

  1. Getting started with your LWPS account

  2. (One or two other key aggregating LWPS posts here.)

Key related LWPS communities

Are your LifeWork Plans, ePortfolios, Profiles and Portal posts up to date?

Please limit the size of this BD area to less than 15 lines.

(Here is the original source for this post. Here is a list of all seeds. Check back, it may have changed.)