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Pete Hubbard (LWPS Founder) :: Blog :: Anatomy of a post

April 27, 2008

When you click on "Post a new entry" (upper left), you will see seven (7) areas that will require your attention. They are

  1. Post title: 
  2. Add External video: This is not working properly.
  3. Add File: See this post about your storage use.
  4. Post body:  
  5. Keywords: Add your initials to the "Keywords" section in all the posts you create. (Here is why) and add appropriate keywords/tags so that you and others can easily find this post in the future.
  6. Access restrictions: Ask yourself who you want to be able to read your post? If you post could help others, use a "Public" AR.  Click here to read more about protecting your personal information in your profiles, posts and files.
  7. Post: When you are complete with your post, click "Post" to save it. You can edit and modify your post as often as you wish. 

Comments: Because you are the author of this post, you will automatically see anyone's comments to your posts when you click on your 'View your activity' link under your gold box. (FYI: If you find interesting posts (that you did not create) you can see comments to them in your 'View your activity' webpage if you "Marked them as interesting".

Go to the next milepost of Create and modify a post in your personal blog or return to this milepost in the Roadmap.

Keywords: 2008, 2Q08, 5/4, 60%, Anatomy of a post, hph, new, storage

Posted by Pete Hubbard (LWPS Founder)

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