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New member! :: Blog :: Recommended additions to the JC Library "Employment" webpage

March 26, 2008


  1. The library's  Help for job seekers webpage is primarily focused on job search which is Steps 3-5 of the six (6) step career decision making process. What I want to talk to you about and ask you to add to the webpage is a link to information to help those people who don't know or are uncertain about what they want - which is part of Step 2. It's important that job seekers feel a certain level of confidence in knowing who they are and what they want so they can be more certain that the job they seek is trully what is best for them. Part of that process is to help them select and prioritize the list of words and phrases as I am doing in this post. They can then use these to prepare their resumes, use in the advanced search section of the job sites posted on your webpage, create Google Alerts, etc..
  2. Ask Meridith to review these "library" occupations then select the best one that fits her job. Discuss the profile as a model for a profile that people can create to help them describe the work they want. 
  3. I have over 2000 posts in this blog but only 20% are ready for the public. Most of them are included in a new reorganization of the platform that I am working on right now.

I request that you consider adding the following links to your Help for job seekers webpage when I let you know that they are ready for publication.

  1. "1000's of career resources; where do I start?"
  2. "Make your dreams your LifeWork".

Meredith has already added most of the following links.

  1. America's Career Resource Network (ACRN): About - Career Decision-Making Tool - The Career Development Toolkit - The National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG)
  2. "What Color Is Your Parachute?" - The book and the website, specifically the Job Hunting Online section.
  3. The Riley Guide - specifically the "Job Search" section, but more importantly, the "Before You Search" section. 

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  1. 1000's of career resources; where do I start?
  2. JC library - Employment section

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Posted by Pete Hubbard (LWPS Founder) @ New member!

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