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New member! :: Blog :: Mini "Site Map" of posts related to the three (3) seeded webspaces created when someone registers.

March 02, 2008

We - the LWPS team - realize that new LWPS members have limited time to learn about and explore LWPS. So we decided to "seed" your account in three (3) places in order to give you a quick overview of LWPS and its features and functions.

Links to the template posts for those three (3) seeds are listed below. We extracted key links in those three (3) posts and listed them below as a mini "Site Map".

  1. Seed One (1): Text in a post in my personal blog
    1. Why is creating lifework/career planning posts in my personal blog so important?
    2. About LWPS
    3. Getting started with your LWPS account
      1. How to navigate LWPS and not get lost
      2. Is LWPS for you?
      3. Create posts
      4. LWPS Help
  2. Seed Two (2): Text in my Brief Description (BD) box
    1. Develop a very important webspace - your "Brief Description" - by adding links to key posts that are important to you and others
    2. My LifeWork Portal
      1. My LifeWork Plan
      2. My LifeWork Profiles
      3. My LifeWork ePortfolios
    3. "Aggregating" posts: What they are and why you should create them?
    4. Key related LWPS communities
    5. Are your LifeWork Plans, ePortfolios, Profiles and Portal posts up to date?
  3. Seed Three (3): Text in the "Who am I" section of my Profile
    1. Protecting your personal information
    2. Complete a few sections of your personal LWPS profile - "Your Profile"


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Posted by Pete Hubbard (LWPS Founder) @ New member!

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