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November 08, 2008

In this 9:34 minute video, Dr. JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey presents a Research Briefing at the 2008 Career Development Legislative Luncheon in the Caucus Room of the Cannon Building in Washington, D.C. on Friday, July 11, 2008.

  1. 0:52 - The "100 Year Celebration of Career Guidance and Education" website http://celebratecareers.com
  2. 1:07 - A three point "Statement of beliefs" (PDF 1 page) just as Parsons's process1 had three steps.
  3. 2:43 - Goals and assumptions related to the Statement of Beliefs
  4. 4:06 - "How are we going to do that?"
  5. 4:43 - What outcomes do we need to have?"
  6. 6:20 - A recent study in South Carolina indicates that the Statement of Beliefs can be achieved in a cost effective way.
  7. 7:49 - Three (3) significant findings from students who used web-based systems
  8. 9:34 End
Additional information:
  1. Celebrate Careers Forum on this CD-Forums.org
  2. Dr. Edward Colozzi's moving invocation (2:01 minutes) before Dr. Harris-Bowlsbey's presentation
  3. 1Wikipedia article on Frank Parsons
(My apologies for the camera jitters; there was no place to perch my arm while I held the digital camera.)

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April 23, 2008

On 4/22/08 at 1:01 PM, Deneen Pennington - gave me permisison to copy the NCDA Policy PDF into an html version.


NCDA grants you permission for the use the of NCDA’s Policy Statement to be linked to your website.  Please include a statement “reprinted through permission of NCDA – copyrighted” so viewers know from where it originated.

Deneen Pennington is the Executive Director of NCDA ncda.org

Keywords: 1Q10-1, 20%, 2010, hph, ncda, Permission to copy NCDA Policy PDF, policy

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May 05, 2007

  1. CCA on GA
  2. Advocacy Survey Sub-Committee
  3. Private projects

Return to My TODO list and Status

Keywords: 2008, 2Q08, 4/27, 40%, hph, ncda, NCDA projects

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April 19, 2007


Wikipedia is a "free encyclopedia that anyone can edit". It has at least 684 million visitors per year, 75,000 authors and almost 2.5 million article in English. (More at About Wikipedia.) A Google search for "Wikipedia" produces 296 million results.

I assert ...

  1. that the Wikipedia (WP) articles on "career development" and "career" are insufficient (WP considers the CD article a "stub article") and that either one or both should be a Wikipedia:Portal similar to the Education Portal,
  2. that there may be other career-related WP articles (216k = "career") that are insufficient,
  3. and that there may be many career-related articles that need to be written for WP.

I do not have sufficient knowledge of CD or of the Wikipedia policies and guidelines to work on these articles, but I am interested in organizing those who are or might be via a Wikipedia:WikiProject.

Actions I have taken so far (as of 7/15/08)

  1. A year ago, I told Darrell that I had a project idea for the Leadership Academy. I felt the Wikipedia article for “career development” was quite anemic and needed significant development. He said he would present it to them. I did not follow up and I have not heard of any responses. 
  2. At this year's conference
    1. I talked to Debbie Osborn about this and she liked the idea (for herself). I don't know what she plans to do about it.
    2. I asked Melanie what she thought. She recommended a CC article.
    3. I asked Rich Fellar. He suggested a draft proposal to the Board (but I'm not sure what to propose.
    4. I talked to Ed and he said he would talk to Deneen.


I propose that ...

  1. based upon Melanie's suggestion, that I write a Career Convergence article about this topic (it will describe the situation and encourage readers to express their interest by going to my Wikipedia account and adding links to their accounts where they list those articles that they will co-author. age joining this CD Forum topic to support each other in learning about the Wikipedia culture and the policies and guidelines for creating Wikipedia articles),
  2. and periodically ask Melanie to run an e-blast that links to this article to attract future Wikipedia CD authors

Below are some ideas for the CC article (Title, Abstract, body)

CC article title: “Wanted: CD authors to write and manage Wikipedia articles about career/career development topics.

Abstract: Imagine that you just wrote an article about “career development” (CD) for a notable encyclopedia publisher. Think about your content; particularly references to other relevant CD articles in the encyclopedia. Now, compare your article with the current one in Wikipedia. I think you will agree with me that the Wikipedia article needs a lot of attention.  If you have ever thought of writing an article for Wikipedia, and you are willing to spend the time and energy needed to maintain and develop this and perhaps other related articles, we  hope you will read this article and join other Wikipedia CD authors.

What is Wikipedia and Caveat emptor?

Wikipedia is a "free encyclopedia that anyone can edit"1. Wikipedia cautions2 readers against relying on its articles as a primary resource. Notable strengths and weaknesses are cited in this article "Researching with Wikipedia". Notwithstanding the criticism, Wikipedia has at least 684 million visitors per year, 75,000 authors and almost 2.5 million articles in Englilsh.

A Google search for "Wikipedia" produces 296 million results. Any student with access to a computer has read at least one Wikipedia article, and if it was the article on "career development", they were probbaly very disappointed.

If no one signs up, NCDA should consider an award or reward.

The purpose of this article

If you do an Internet seach for "career development", the first result you will see is the Wikipedia article. Take a moment to review it and ask yourself if this is the best we - the national association of career development professionals - can offer to the world. The article was created in 2003 and has remained essentially unchanged even after 300 edit attempts by 20+ authors as chronicled in this "history" page for the article.

These "edit attempts" exemplify the problem that I want to address. Wikipedia has high standards. And since anyone can edit an article, management can become a time consuming annoyance.

I would even go so far as to declare that the Wikipedia "career development" should be a Wikipedia Portal which will require even more work and attention by the authors.. . . errwhat you would want your you think this is the best that of more and more people. It's embarassing to me to see this very meager article languishing there almost unchanged since it was started May 18, 2003. There is so much that we - the career industry - can add to it. And there are hundreds of related article that could also be written and spun off of this main page.
We need someone to volunteer to learn the Wikipedia submission and editing rules, to maintain that article and related articles, and act as a funnel so that people like you and I can feed them with additonal content.

Good article - http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2007/01/26/wiki

If you agree that career professionals need to (co-)author career related Wikipedia articles ...

It is possible that some of the authors of the "career deveopment" article are career professionals, but I have my doubts. This version of the article has a warning that it is cosnidered a "stub article" which means that Wikipedia authorities feel that it needs considerable more work. (See the evolution of an article.)

If you have an interest in becoming a Wikipedia author ...

and learning WP policies and guidelines, the a WP article on conrtributing to WP, and understanding the evolution of an article.

If you have the time and the patience to manage Wikipedia articles ...

Then join a cadre of other Wikipedia CD authors ...

The current cd article is what W calls a stub which means … It only mentions OD and does not provide linkages to other key articles about cd.



What if I need help?

W has policies and is baleeskill set iniwill see Although Since 2003, the W article on “career development” has remained wanting.

Wikipedia was accessed more than 680 million times last year.is
Wikipedia culture, policy, ecology http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:List_of_guidelines

Vandalism and Vigilance

e-blast:  If you like to write about career development topics and you like the concept of Wikipedia, please read this CC article and consider  joining and you would like to write, ConIf you thiknl

Where can we congregate to share?
CD Forums
LWPS community blog
Yahoo Group
A different blogging platform


Here is I'm looking at the Wikipedia history page for the "Career Development" article and notice an addition made by Janet Lenz [1].

The Wikipedia CD Authors Association (WCDAA)


Information about Wikipedia

  1. Wikipedia Introduction page
  2. Wikipedia Vandalism article  Types of vandalism
  3. What W is not


1More at About Wikipedia. ()

2"Wikipedia can be a great tool for learning and researching information. However, as with all sources, not everything in Wikipedia is accurate, comprehensive, or unbiased." (Downloaded 7/21/08)





Google Alerts are an excellent tool for you and your clients to use to automate repetitive searches that will keep you aware of the latest web-based news and information.

Alerts are easy to create, modify and delete.

Create an Alert for your name and anything else that is a long term interest.


Hubbard, P. (2007). Creating, Shaping and Managing your Internet Presence, National Career Development Association Website. Retrieved on May 24, 2008.


Pete Hubbard is the Founder of LifeWork Planning Services, and CD Forums (formerly NCDA Forums), member of three NCDA committees, Chair of the ACSCI Public Relations committee, and (co-)author of two other Career Convergence articles. Pete received the 2005 NCDA Presidential Recognition Award for his work on NCDA Forums. More info is available at http://lifeworkps.com/hubbard/weblog/3530.html or by emailing Pete at hubbard@waypt.com

Google Analytics
Below are the current set of tasks that I recommend that each co-editor should complete before they co-edit an article. (Please suggest improvements.)
  1. Create a Wikipedia (WP) account and add your name and WP username to my WP User Page
    1. First, create a WP account, if you don't have one. In your WP User Page, list links to the WP career-related articles you might like to co-edit, or are currently co-editing.
    2. Join other co-editors to collaborate, provide support, tutor, etc. by going to this WP webpage and add "Your name - your WP username" to provide a link to your WP User Page.
    3. Click on the "talk" tab/link above in that userpage to discuss our plans.
  2. Learn ALL the Wikipedia guidelines
    1. the guide to starting your first article
    2. tutorial
    3. list of policies
    4. policies and guidelines
  3. Collaborate with other Wikipedia CD co-editors via Talk pages in respective articles. (I.e. View this "Discussion" page of the "career development" article)
  4. Discuss and negotiate changes by other co-editors via the talk/discussion pages of each respective article.
  5. Monitor activities and take appropriate action
    1. Add articles of interest to you to your Watchlist (WP Help)
    2. Periodically review activity via your Watchlist and take appropriate action
If we have more than a few co-editors, we need to provide a place where we can support each other and get organized. That may be the creation of a WP task force (which is the first step toward an independent Wikipedia:WikiProject for a Wikipedia:Portal for "Career Development" if we ever wanted to separate from the current Business and Economics portal managed by the Business and Economics WikiProject which is currently co-editing the "career development" article.
NOTE: There is a lot to learn about WP and I have just started. I will modify this topic when I learn something new. I encourage you to help me by offering improvements (via replies) to this topic when you learn something that should be added or modified.

DW 419
Wikipedia (WP) subpages under my UserPage
  1. Various definitions of "career development". See the topic Who should define "career development" and where should that definition reside?
  2. List of (potential) co-editors Click on the "talk" tab/link in that "List of (potential) co-editors" userpage to discuss our plans.
  3. List of career-related articles

Keywords: 2008, 3Q08, 7/27, Deneen, hph, Martz, NCDA, Wikipedia, Wikipedia article on "Career Development", WP

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July 27, 2006

Prior to NCDA publishing the NCDA conference program book as a PDF file on their website, I always had the following dilema.
  1. There was never enough time at the conference to see everything I wanted to see. (This still happens, but much less.)
  2. I took almost 2+ hours (total, throughout the conference) to re-read/scan the 60+ page conference program book to find events of interests.
  3. I often missed something important to me.

Now that the program book is online, I use the PDF (Adobe) "Search" function ("binoculars" icon) to search the program for key words of interest to me and fill out my Outlook Calendar schedule for the week of the conference with the events that match my interests. Specifically, I ...

  1. update my prioritized list of key words/names (for people, events, and topics that interest me) so I stay focused on what is MOST important to me at the conference. I ask myself "If I could attend only one event, would this be the one?"
  2. keep this list in one of three (3) open windows on my PC
  3. open another PC window with my Outlook Calendar for the conference dates
  4. open the third window displaying the PDF version of the conference program book
    1. do a search for my first item and size the screen so it is split showing the conference page of the left and all the search results on the right, thus giving me a long sentence segment with my key word so I can decide if I want to click on it to see the page containing that sentence and event.
    2. when I find an event of interest, I COPY the title, location, and page number and PASTE it into the appropriate date/time in my Outlook page.
    3. I continue to review all the search results for that first key word, COPY/PASTE those I want to attend, then go back to my prioritized list for the next key word until I have filled up my Outlook schedule..
    4. I print off my Outllok schedule (in Landscape format) and keep it with me during the conference.

This usually takes me about 20-30 minutes compared to 2+ hours (in totaI) I used to spend during the conference re-reading/scanning the program book - and missing items.

Click here to view the 2008 PDF version of the program book on the NCDA website.

Previous PDF version of the conference program books are listed in this NCDA conference forum on CD-Forums.

If you don't have the latest Adobe PDF Reader (8.1), click here.

Keywords: 2008, 2Q08, 6/22, Getting the most out of the NCDA conference, hph, key words, ncda, prioritize, searching

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July 25, 2006

I want to move this post from the NCDA community (weblog = 17 ) to the Destiny community (weblog = 209 )

??  "UPDATE weblog_posts SET weblog = 209 WHERE ident = 965;"

Keywords: 20%, 2009, 2Q09, 6/21, CP, CP024, destiny, empty, hph, Moving this post from one weblog ("NCDA") to another ("Destiny"), ncda

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July 24, 2006

There is no short cut (except luck) to you finding your dream job (LifeWork).

Like developing a skill, you have to work at it.

The earlier in life that you start (~ age 12), the easier it will be over your lifetime.

Imagine that you are working in your LifeWork job. 
  1. What are the top five (5) skills that you are using?
  2. What tpe of people are you working with?
  3. Where is your work located?
Most likely, you can not answer these questions, and that is OK. You will develop those answers over time.

(... more later)

Keywords: 1Q12-1, 20%, 2012, Fast track to your LifeWork, hph, hubbard, location, top five skills, workers

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July 22, 2006

The more we attempt to know ourselves, the less we actually understand. (Bottom of this article)

Keywords: 312, bias, do not plan, hph, hubbard, plan, planning, resources, Resources about "planning does not work"

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July 14, 2006

NOTE: This is a draft and subject  to change. Links are not set up properly yet.

LifeWork planning is important to me because knowing what my LifeWork (LW) is (or will be), finding the place to do my LW, and doing my LW is critical to my spiritual, mental, social/emotional and physcial well being.

Spiritual: Doing my LW gives my work more meaning and I feel a greater sense of contribution to others, and a greater sense of me experiencing being me. "meaning in work" - Google Search

Mental: Doing my LW liberates

Social/emotional: The more I can make my work my LW, the more g

Physcial: I should be more healthy and have less illness because doing what I love is less stressful.

Keywords: 20%, 2010, 3Q10-1, emotional, hph, hubbard, LifeWork planning, mental, move, physical value, social, spirit, spiritual, The spiritual mental social/emotional and physical value of LifeWork planning

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July 09, 2006

If you attended the NCDA conference in Washington, D.C. , and you took some digital photos, consider sharing them with us by uploading them to the very popular and free Internet-based photo archive called Flickr. Please tag your conference pictures with (at least) “ncda”, “ncda2008”, and any other tag that you deem appropriate. That way, viewers can click on anyone of these links to see your and other pictures. So far, these are the tag URL links and number of photos in each tagged group.
  1. All NCDA photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/ncda ... 899
  2. NCDA 2008 only: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/ncda2008 ... 67
  3. Pics by Janet Wall: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/JanetWallPics ... 36
  4. Legislative luncheon: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/legislative-luncheon ... 51
Be aware that there will be a one-time delay before anyone can view your public Flickr pictures because you account is placed on a hold pending a review to insure that your pictures can be released to the public. I found that it took five days before my account was released but that was probably because I added only one picture each time. Upload at least 5-10 photos at one time and your account should be approved in a few days. Click here to see more information about this - http://www.flickr.com/help.gne#69.

Some people may not like to have their photos displayed in public. If you do not want your picture available to the public, please indicate that in the "Comment" box below the photo.

Keywords: 1Q10-1, 2-2, 20%, 2010, Flickr, Flickr - Photo archival - Orlando pictures, hph, nNCDA, photos, plan, Stage 2, Step 2

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