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August 05, 2007

Below are listed several affiliations if you are interested in learning more about with whom I network.
  1. Casey Hall Trainers Webpage
  2. Executive Coaching International
  3. National Career Development Association

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July 02, 2007

MAC Power PC 10.3.9 Safari browser

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March 15, 2007

  1. Getting back to work: Returning to the labor force after an absence (PDF)

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March 05, 2007

I clicked on "View All Posts" and found Pete Hubbard's post about a woman named Amanda who is autistic. Pete's post referenced a blog post by Andy Carvin about Amanda, and I was inspired to respond. Thank's Pete!

Dear Andy,

Thank you very much for sharing this and creating this blog. I saw the CNN story by Dr. Sanjay Gipta and was deeply moved. I am a career/life counselor who deals with people's callings and facilitates their searches for meaning and purpose. Amanda is an excellent communicator, more so in some ways, compared with many of us because her native language allows her to be in a constant conversation (two-way) with every aspect of her environment. As she poingtantly describes, " Far from being purposeless, the way that I move is an ongoing response to what is around me. Ironically, the way that I move when responding to everything around me is described as 'being in a world of my own'. " Perhaps it is often WE who are in a world of OUR own, not only in how we deal with the Amanda's of the world but so much else!

Most of us do NOT choose to be in contact with other aspects of our environments, e.g. Amanada's interaction with the water in the video. She states, " I am just interacting with the water as the water interacts with me." Most of don't bother to interact with our environment or people that way, a way that demonstrates Amanda's communion, appreciation, even at some level, respect for her environment. These are all a prelude to having real empathy, a behavior and state of heart and mind we could all use more of with each other!

Most of us don't slow down and reflect. We move at stressful speeds through our busy schedules daily, having barely enough time for saying, "I love you" or "how are you doing lately?" to the people close to us, let alone strangers not within our immediate sphere of influence. We take much for granted, especially in our Blessed USA where we enjoy so many freedoms and such high standards of living compared with people trying to survive in many other parts of our world. Yet woven throughout the strong fabric of even our own America The Beautiful, we have poverty, homelessness, untreated illness, and much neglect.

We are not sufficiently sensitive to our sisters and brothers, all members of our human family. Global poverty and multiple wars are a testimony to this sad state of narrowness of vision that manifests itself in a lack of global perspective most people have in their day-to-day consciousness, people overly distracted by a pop culture that numbs us and permeates an apathy that is unable to sustain us in any purposeful way.

We are also less sensitive to animal life and the beautiful natural environment that nourishes and protects us, critically important to all of us on this planet. We focus on the narrowness of our selfish agendas whether that be with members of our family, local community, nation, or even our international community - our sisters and brothers around the world who really do need those of us with resources to share them more openly, not necessarliy through feeding the world, but rather, demonstrating through right relationships and mentoring, ways of teaching people to help themselves with our technology and creativity; and yes, sometimes that might mean feeding some of these people!

Amanda is a bright light; she used technology to reach out to the masses caught up in our myopic view of our world and taught us something very important- to stop, reflect, and appreciate. Amanda, "In you is the fountain of life, and in your light we see light." Thank you Amanda, and I love you my sister, Ed

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January 14, 2007

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  2. "Ed Colozzi" ncda -250;
  3. "Ed Colozzi" lifeworkps -234

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January 10, 2007

"VERY" and "NOT VERY" are the answers to the following two questions that may make a big difference to your professional activities with career counseling. #1) How importanrt is it to have an Internet presence? VERY #2) How difficult is it. NOT VERY!

Shortly after I registered for my personal/professional blog on LWPS with the guidance from Pete Hubbard, I learned how to customize it to fit my needs, I created two communities to describe the work I do with my values clarification (DOVE) and systematic career guidance (SCG). Within a week, maybe two, I got a call from a woman who wanted to inquire about my work with values. As I often do, I asked her where she learned about me. She said she did an Internet search for an NCDA counselor in Massachusetts who did values clarification. I never heard of that before, so I asked her to tell me how she did it. She told me to type in www.google.com then type " 'values clarification' ncda massachusetts" into the search string. To my surprise, the first thing I saw was
Click here to go to my topic on the NCDA Forums [1] for knowledge-based content ... 3) NCDA will be publishing a new monograph on DOVE, "Depth-Orientd Values ...
lifeworkps.com/dove/ - 34k -
I was ecstatic. I now had a real personal experience of the marketing value of having an Internet presence. And I created this by myself- with some great guidance and encouragement from Pete Hubbard.

[1] NCDA Forums has been renamed to CD Forums. The link goes to the DOVE blogging community I created. See some of my "Owned Communities" in the right sidebar and feel free to view them and contact me:) Ed Colozzi

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February 16, 2006

Edward Anthony Colozzi
165 Washington Street * Winchester, MA 01890
(781) 721-1200 edcolozzi@verizon.net


Owner of Career Development and Counseling Services providing comprehensive career/life counseling for individuals, groups and corporate training activities to a wide variety of clients in business, college, school, and agency settings; developer of DOVE (Depth-Oriented Values Extraction) and career guidance materials for K-12 and college students, including Internet versions; National consultant and motivational speaker for career development projects, state standards, and global conferences.

* Provided over thirty years of career/life counseling, teaching, and student personnel related work in a variety of settings, including twenty-five years counseling college students from multi-cultural settings.
* Provided leadership in career/life counseling via statewide, national, and Pacific Basin area in-service training activities for K through 12, college faculty, including counselor education assignments at two university settings.
* Provided leadership in the development of a statewide computer assisted guidance system and implemented statewide pilot site for two different guidance systems, DISCOVER (ACT) and the Hawaii Career Information System (Career Kokua).
* Wrote and produced a ten minute video tape "Making Choices" for use in high school and college orientation activities.
* Developed guidance materials for students in K-12 and post secondary settings including Internet materials and a career game for middle school students.
* Initiated numerous in-service training activities with students and colleagues nationally and internationally utilizing teleconferencing and related technology.

Ed.D. Higher Education, Teachers College, Columbia University
M.A. Higher Education, Teachers College, Columbia University
M.Ed. Counseling Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University
B.A. Psychology, Boston University

Massachusetts Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC); State Certified Trainer
Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC); Master Career Counselor (MCC);
Fellow-National Career Development Association

"Creating Careers With Confidence" published by DELTA RAINBOW and also published in Braille by The National Braille Institute for national and international distribution (See VITA for complete listing of articles and book chapters)

National Awards - Outstanding Faculty Award Winner in Western Region, National Association of Community College Trustees; Presidential Recognition Award, National Career Development Association; State Award - Francis E. Clark Award for significant contributions to Advancement of Counseling and Human Development in the State of Hawaii (See VITA for full listing)


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Colozzi, E.A. (2006) Career Kokua: An Important Step Toward the Development of Systematic Career Guidance in Hawaii

Colozzi, E. A., & Haehnlen, F. P. (1982). The impact of a computerized career information system on a community college in an island state. International Journal for the Advancement of Counseling, 5, 273-282 and

Colozzi, E.A. (2000). Toward the Development of Systematic Career Guidance, in D. Luzzo, “Career Counseling of College Students: An Empirical Guide to Strategies That Work”, American Psychological Association, Washington, DC. and

Colozzi, E.A. (2003). Depth-oriented values extraction (DOVE). The Career
Development Quarterly, 52, 180-189.

Colozzi, E. A. & Colozzi, L. C. (2000). College students’ callings and careers:
An integrated values-oriented perspective. In D. A. Luzzo (Ed.), Career
counseling of college students: An empirical guide to strategies that work
(pp 63-91). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.

Super, D. E., Bowlsbey, J. H., & Colozzi, E. A. (1985). Creating a multi-mode, life-span approach to career guidance. Presentation at the American Association of Counseling and Development Annual Conference, New York, N.Y.

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