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April 2006

April 02, 2006

Hi Pete:
I just uploaded some more designs in this community and in my files.
This community has the earthy colors and the different fade levels.

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When I refer to "account settings" below, perhaps we should have an auxilliary "Account Settings" page if the account is an admin person, unless it would be very easy to append it to the main "Account Settings". Please advise.

Keep in mind that the admin programmer will be updating LWPS with new versions of Elgg and we should try to minimize the amount of custom editing he will have to do each time.

Bid request

Build a PHP plug-in that would present the following options (below the "Save Post" button) when someone creates/edits a post like this one.:

  • (New) Provide me (and any admin person) a place to set a flag to 1) permit the execution of this plug-in, and 2) the info msg that gets displayed when this condition exists.I may want to disable it. Account settings would be best, I think.
  • (New) Also provide me a place to 1) save keywords that must exist in the keywords section of the source post before this plug-in is executed, and 2) the info msg that gets displayed when this condition exists. Account settings would be best, I think.
  • (________) source post to copy (If blank, ignore; if a valid LWPS post number, then process the copy [e.g. Copy/append/replace all or some of the following parts of the source post])
  • (rb = radio button, default is none selected)
  • Append (rb) Create/Replace (rb) All: Post Body, Title, Keywords and Additional Keywords
  • Append (rb) Create/Replace (rb) "Post Title"
  • Append (rb) Create/Replace (rb) "Post Body"
  • Append (rb) Create/Replace (rb) "Post Keywords"
  • Additional keywords - All (rb) or my initials (rb), nearest Sunday mm/dd (rb), "20%" (rb), community username (if in a community) (rb)
  • A "Submit" button that would execute the above options when I clicked it. All options would then be cleared.

Example: I might want to copy the source from this post # 330 so I could create this post. So I would create a new post and type 330 in the above space that your plug-in provides, then I woudl select ALL parts, and All additional keywords and when I clicked submit (not save), post 330 would be replicated in my new post. (Here is an explanation of why I want these keywords inserted.)

Recommend where initials will be stored. Account settings might be the best. Permit them to be changed. If you get this bid and produce what I want I may be asking you to do another project where each person's keywords are saved. That may be a good place to save their initials.

Recommend any improvements to this design.

Pete hubbard@waypt.com

Keywords: 20%, 5/14, bid, bid description, Elance, hph, lwpsdevel, PHP, PHP programmer, Plug-in 02: COPY an LWPS post, plug-in list

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April 11, 2006

What’s in your Employment Tool Kit?
• Education & Work History Summary
• Lists of Key Words by industry
• Summarized lists of all your Skills & Qualifications & Achievements for each industry
• Next Job & Dream Job Descriptions
• Summary of your Top 10 Qualities
• Sample Cover Letters
• Several versions of your Resume
• Reference List & Letters of Recommendation
• Business Cards
• Optional Employment Portfolio – a summary marketing package
• Professional binder that holds a resume, recommendation letters and/or list of
references, copies of diplomas, certificates, awards, new articles or other information
that highlights your strengths, qualities, work history and education.
• Pens, pencils, note paper
• Thank you cards and stamps
• Emergency grooming aids

Created by Susan Kay Wilson for Transition Yourself

Keywords: 1Q10-2, 20%, 2010, hph, hubbard, lwpsdevel, move, My LifeWork Tool Kit, Susan Wilson

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April 12, 2006

Hi, my name is Pete Hubbard. I'm the founder of LifeWork Planning Services (LWPS) - a platform to help people make their dreams their LifeWork. LWPS is a work in progress and - at this moment - a mess as far as the home page and subordinate pages are concerned. I'll clean them up over time. This post describes the purpose and value of LWPS. Registration is limited and restricted.

I need a contract PHP programmer for many short (2 - 6 hr) PHP programming jobs.

  1. I can only spend about $300 per month - on average - for your services.
  2. I can not promise work every month.
  3. I have a backlog of over a 100 hours of work. A few are well defined, but most are still ideas needing a lot of design work.

You will be working on a Open Source system called Elgg which is the engine that drives LWPS.

  1. LWPS is currently running on Elgg 0.8. 
  2. http://Elgg.net is Open Source code. It was recently renamed to http://EduSpaces.net. This website contains documentation about Elgg. If you do contract work for me, you will want to get an account on both Elgg systems and join the Elgg development and Elgg Installation Support communities. You may also want to join the Elgg Features commuity.
  3. Our test environment is located at http://dev.lifeworkps.com. This is where you will make minor modifications to the Elgg code and build and test LWPS plugins before I review the results and ask you to upgrade the LIVE LWPS with the new code..
  4. (Some of these links may change over time. If so, please send me a note.)

I am looking for a VERY specific person, who ...

  1. can work an average between 8-15 hours a month,
  2. AND charges around $20/hr (15 hrs * $20/hr = $300) with no plans to raise that hourly rate for the foreseeable future.
  3. AND doesn't mind using a wiki and LWPS with me (and possibly another contract programmer) to design the specifications for plugins and/or extensions before I authorize you to code, test and install them.

Email has value, but becomes too cumbersome when we try to track and manage projects. LWPS posts and wikis provide a convenient way to discuss, design and specify what code is needed and then to track and manage the work. You will need to learn some of the basic features and functions of LWPS in order to create posts, comment on other posts, use "access restrictions", etc.

If this appeals to you so far, please do the following.

  1. Read about LWPS's purpose and value and explore some of the lessons in LWPS Help to get an overview of LWPS.
  2. Read this post to see a list of projects that I will use to assign you work. Most links go to private posts you can't view because I am still designing them. 
  3. Read this post about what I will expect from you if you get tired of working on the project, want to leave or want to raise your rates.

If this still appeals to you, send me an email where you

  1. tell me about yourself,
  2. your rate,
  3. the minimum number of hours you will commit to working each month,
  4. what you think about LWPS
  5. and anything else that you think might be of interest to me.

If I want you to work for me, I will respond to your email with

  1. a link to where you can register for your LWPS accounts (LIVE and DEV),
  2. this post describing initial setup instructions for your LWPS account
  3. a password to view this wiki to see the first project you will review and estimate.

I will contact you through your LWPS "<your-name> Mailbox" post when you create it.

Thank you,


Link to this post added to the Elgg General Discussion group on 6/4/09.  

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April 24, 2006

Elgg posts

http://elgg.net/smartinson/weblog/119731.html various platforms
http://elgg.net/stevelee/weblog/12623.html (Schoolsl and Europe recomends OSS)

Keywords: 40%, 6/18, hph, lwpsdevel, OSS, The value of Open Source Software and a selection of platforms

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April 28, 2006

What is the future of LWPS?

LWPS as of March 2006 is about 10% complete and serving 15 members. It should be 40% complete by March 2007 serving 150 members and 60% complete by March 2008 and serving 1000 members. Our goal is to serve 10,000 by 2010.

Ultimately (around 2010), the vision for LWPS is to provide an answer to the question “On a planet with over six (6) billion people, how do I quickly and easily find at least six (6) people who share my vision, passion, and/or interests (VPIs ) and who want to collaborate with me to transform them into joyful work that satisfies our souls?”

The only way this will happen is if everyone has a standardized machine readible profile that contains their VPIs and can be searched and matched by Google or a Google-like process. Standardization and interoperability are critical requirements. The Elgg development team is a champion of both.

Keywords: 4/30, 60%, future, hph, lwpsdevelop, The future of LWPS

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