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March 24, 2007

Transition points in your life like graduation, a new job (or getting fired), marriage (and maybe divorce), physical moves, health problems, etc. are "significant activities and events in your life and work".

Resumes, career plans, education plans, (e)portfolios, etc that you create before, during or after these transition points and the rollups of smaller documents like your biography, bibliography, certificates, assessment and test results, educational history, work history, job interests, skills, abilities, values, career preferences, job explorations, etc. (to name just a few) are "significant elements of your life and work".

Maintaining a record of these activities, events and elements in your life and work is a critically important lifework planning skill. Equally important, is your ability to easily create, edit, retrieve [1], organize, aggregate, and - perhaps - share these records. A very small number of people - like you - who understand how is to prepare for these transitions will see the need to collect all of these elements in ONE place for easy retrieval, organization, reference, and continuous enhancement through edits, reflections and refinements.

Below are a few key LWPS posts you will want to create and maintain to prepare for those transitions.

  • Your resume usually contains data and information about your experience, education, qualifications, work history, key skills, accomplishments, affiliations, references, etc.. Indirectly you will also reflect upon your values, passions, lifestyle, etc..

    Click here (or the tag "resume posts" in "Keywords" below) to see posts I have created and tagged with "resume posts".

  • Your ePortfolio usually contains some of the same data and information you used above to create your resume, but we should add a few other elements like contacts you have made, extracurricular or co-curricular activities, volunteer work, career exploration activities, lists of possible careers, special prizes, honors, offices, and recognition, transition plans, etc..

    Click here (or the tag "ePortfolio posts" in "Keywords" below) to see posts I have created and tagged with "ePortfolio posts".

  • Your individual career plan (ICP) is usually some of the above, but may also have your interest, abilities, hobbys and recreational/leisure activities, most-liked school subjects, careers you have explored, part time work, tentative career goals, and an action plan to achieve these goals.

    Click here (or the tag "ICP posts" in "Keywords" below) to see posts I have created tagged with "ICP posts".

  • You may create other aggregating posts like my education plan, my stories, my passions, my visions, etc. and you can add appropriate tags to organize and find them.

Summarize and link to all of your key LWPS posts with your LifeWork Portal

As you create more and more lifework planning posts in your LWPS blog, and you want to find a particular post quickly to add something to it or reflect upon and refine it, you will soon see the need to have ONE post that aggregates all of them.

I call that post "My LifeWork Portal". I have a link to My LifeWork Portal in my "brief description" profile box where I can quickly jump to it from anywhere in my personal/professional blog. My LifeWork Portal is very detailed and complex. You can click here to view it. [2] You will start out with a very simple LifeWork Portal - like this one - if you decide to use it at all.
[1] After you create a document like a bibliography and file it somewhere, how quickly can you find it? On LWPS, it is very easy! You just add whatever tags/keywords to a post that are meaningful to YOU, then do a search for that tag to quickly and easily find all posts that use it.

[2] Keep in mind that many posts in my "My LWP" are private and you will not be able to see them. Most of those that I have made public still require a lot of work.

Click here to view my contact information.
  • Check out the links in the "Profile Owner's" box to the right.
  • Add your comments or questions in the "Comments" section below.
  • Review, reflect and revise your "My LWP" and all the posts linked within as often as possible so they represent who you are right now!

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Posted by Pete Hubbard (LWPS Founder) @ LifeWork Portal

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