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June 29, 2008


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  3. Change the links below (My Interests --> My LifeWork Portal) to point to your posts.
  4. These are only suggestions; this is your post to do with as you please. If you have suggestions to improve this template, just add a comment below.
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When you are in a quiet place and relaxed, close you eyes and think of a time when you were very happy and experienced joy. Write a few sentences about it and then, when you have time, log into your LWPS account, create a new post about it (or revise an existing one), then add the title and a link to the post in the list below. Don't try to do this all at one sitting. You can always return when you think of a new joy and add it to the list.

When you have a few posts written, click on [this link].

Joys I have experienced in the past

(Write here about those joys.)

Joys I am currently experiencing

(Write here about those joys.)

Joys I would like to experience in the future.

(Write here about those joys.)

Now review all of the above joys and list the top ten below.

My top ten (10) joys (in priority sequence)

  1. (Use this template to create a post and write about your most important joy, then replace this line with that title and link to that post.)
  2. "
  3. "
  4. "
  5. "
  6. "
  7. "
  8. "
  9. "
  10. "

Resources for research and reflection

  1. View "My Joys (resources for research and reflection)"
  2. ?

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Posted by Pete Hubbard (LWPS Founder) @ Dreams; Visions; Bliss; Your Voice

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