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Pete Hubbard (LWPS Founder) :: Blog :: My LifeWork Plans

September 02, 2007

  1. My Career Plan
    1. My Values (Life; Work; Personal)
      1. My Life Values:
      2. My Personal Values: helping others; flexibility; independence; balance/family/work; meaningfulness
      3. My Work Values: helping others; flexibility; independence; balance/family/work; meaningfulness
    2. My Interests: eCollaboration; eConnecting; designing; building; RVing
      1. My Vision:
      2. My Passions: 6/6B; LWPS; eCollaboration; eConnecting; eSharing;
        1. My 6/6BP: The ultimate LWPS end-product. (A distant vision.)

      3. My Mission: LWPS
      4. My Motivation: 6/6B
      5. My Likes: visioning LWPS; reading; singing Brahms' German Requiem; Puget Sound; Dreamcatchcers
      6. My Dislikes: poverty; the digital gap; intolerance; waste; cucumbers
    3. Skills
      1. My SMS: optimistic; imaginative; flexible; emphathetic; curious
      2. My FTS: helping others; creating/inventing; desihning/developing; gathering information/researching; analyzing/dissecting
      3. My WCS: systems analysis; programming; lifework planning;

  2. My Education Plan
  3. My Job Search Plan
    1. My cccupations to explore: Computer Software Engineers, Applications; Computer Systems Analysts; Computer programmer;
    2. My first occupation choice: Computer Software Engineers, Applications
    3. My second occupation choice: Computer Systems Analysts See MyPlan.com's excellent page on "Computer Programmer"
    4. My Resumes | My CV |

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Posted by Pete Hubbard (LWPS Founder)

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