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LWPS development :: Blog :: My 6/6BP: The ultimate LWPS end-product. (A distant vision.) The digital 6/6B Profile used to find 6 people out of 6 billion

March 06, 2006

My work on LWPS is inspired and framed by a vision I call "6/6B". It means "On a planet with over six (6) billion people, how do I quickly and easily find at least six (6) people who share my vision, passion, and/or interests and who want to collaborate with me to transform them into joyful work that satisfies our souls?"  This is the ultimate job searching machine!

To achieve this,
  1. people need to create (and maintain) a file that contains their key 6/6B information. I call that their 6/6B Profile (6/6BP), and
  2. every employee needs to create a similar profile for all of their job openings, and
  3. systems needs to be developed to match the profiles.
Currently, the following is being done along these lines.

  1. Students and others are developing ePortfoilios of their work and some of that is standardized.
  2. CIDS are doing similar work.
  3. Career OneStop
  4. O*NET has classifed over 800 occupations (that represent millions of jobs) with 14 descriptors.
  5. New York recently announced job matching system callled ... that more intelligentyl mathes people to work.
  6. CV
  7. HResume HR-XML
  8. Google jobs

How long will it be before all of this integrates into a set of standards for easy job matching.

"My CV via Europass 'cv.xml' on my desktop - upload to Europass CV"

3/2/07 - Eifle-team CV/Europass/OSPI

In contrast, the thought of having our CVs - our life's work - reduced to a single number could be unnerving especially to those who are only about to embark on their scientific careers. On the other hand, knowing in advance that such a parameter exists - which could very well be the basis for evaluation in future employment applications - may also help one in mapping out the best strategies for scientific productivity and career advancement.


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Posted by Pete Hubbard (LWPS Founder) @ LWPS development

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