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March 06, 2007

What is "LifeWork planning"?

The first part of this post lists the National Career Development Associations definitions of common use terms like career, career development, work, drudgery, vocation, occupation and job.

At the end of that post, I define lifework as "a special kind of "work" that rises out of your dreams. LifeWork elevates "work" to a higher emotional and spiritual plane where you fulfill your dreams or your destiny or what you were meant to be/do, or you find your "voice" or your calling or your soul's code." 

Thus one's "lifework" is more than just a job or a career. And so, "lifework planning" is a little more involved than "career planning". 

In some places in LWPS I combine "career" and "lifework" together in the phrase "career/lifework" because I want entice readers to do a little more than career planning.

Why should I do "LifeWork planning"?

In a word "joy".

You should do career/lifework planning to increase the chances that you will find joy and meaning in the work you do throughout your lifetime.

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Posted by Pete Hubbard (LWPS Founder) @ LifeWork planning process

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