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LWPS development :: Blog :: An explanation of the pp% degree of completeness for an LWPS community

December 01, 2006

There are over 3000 post in LWPS and over 70 communities. (Communities are collections of posts.)

Every post I create contains an estimate of the per-centage completion for that post. Normally, you will not be able to view a post if it is less than 60% complete.

Every community I create also contains an estimate of completion at the bottom of the Profile Owner/Brief Description box in the upper right sidebar.

Click on this post to learn what I mean by the five (5) different per-centage levels of completion.

Keywords: 1/20, 80%, An explanation of the pp% degree of completion for an LWPS community, hph, lwpsdevelo

Posted by Pete Hubbard (LWPS Founder) @ LWPS development

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