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March 2007

March 02, 2007

3/2/07 - John Pallister reflection
2005 - Helen Barrett
2004 - Jeremy Hiebert lifestylism blog

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March 30, 2007

I copied this graphic from a post by Terry Wassall. Click on the graphic to go to his post. ALT-TEXT

I added this comment in his post.
You may find my site to be of interest. It's called LifeWork Planning Services (LWPS). It uses the Elgg engine. It's infrastrucutre is only 20% done, so consider it pre-beta. This post describes LWPS's purpose and value. In that post click on "individual" to see how an indivdual can use LWPS just as a simple collection of a few blog posts, or expand it to be either a PIMS, PKMS or a PLE. In the PIMS post I suggest the creation of what I call their LifeWork Portal (an aggregator of an individual's ePortfolio-type posts) and in item 3 I link to a simple version of an LWP and then my more detailed version.


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