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Entrepreneur :: Blog :: Exercise: How to Join Entrepreneurship Community

July 01, 2006


To provide an Internet-based community for potential, aspiring, and experienced entrepreneurs to share strategies for starting and growing a business

Learning Outcome

Learn how to participate in an online discussion with contributors to the National Career Development Association's monograph, "Starting a Business in the New Economy: Successful Career Entrepreneurs Share Stories and Strategies."


• To join and participate in an Entrepreneur Community on an open-source Internet platform
• To network with other career entrepreneurs asynchronically (without regard to time or place).
• To give and receive support in the entrepreneurial process.

Target Population

Current, aspiring, and experienced entrepreneurs


Reading a monograph about starting a career development business is a good way to jumpstart your own business. The continued support of others can help you through the building process. An Internet-based entrepreneurial community allows you to participate at your convenience.


Current, aspiring, and experienced entrepreneurs


Any place where you can concentrate near a computer with a high-speed Internet connection.

Time Required

Initial registration on the LWPS web platform and learning basic features and functions to meet the learning objectives in this exercise will take less than ½ hour.

Material Needed

Computer, high-speed Internet connection

Example of Creating a Web Presence for Your Business

1. View the Job Juggler website. In bottom left corner, under Online Community, click on "blog". Viewing the link between the Job Juggler website and my Personal Profile will give you an idea of how you can connect your website with an intereactive blog.

When I have an initial conversation with a prospective client, I send them to my Job Juggler website to view my services and products, then send them to my personal profile to show how I can help them create a web profile, and connect them with other job seekers.

2. My personal profile is an example of how you can establish (and easily update) an Internet presence to attract clients and to provide a service that you can offer to clients.

3. To o participate in a blog with leading career entrepreneurs, first register here.

4. Return to the Entrepreneur Community and join this community. In yellow box, "Click here to join this community."

5. Click on "Table of Contents" in yellow box. Click on one of the topics that interest you in the Table of Contents. View a post and respond to a post.

6. After you register, for help in any of the above tasks, click on LWPS Help in top right header of any LWPS webpage.


You have viewed a post and responded to a post in the Entrepreneur Community. You now have the basic technical skills needed to participate in this Community. To further develop your Internet presence, click on Create Your Profile.

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Posted by Sally Gelardin @ Entrepreneur

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