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April 2008

April 17, 2008

The National Career Development Association (NCDA) Board defines a job, an occupation, a career, and work here and says (here) that "Work is the foundation in career development, and "... represents the need to do – to achieve - to know that one is needed by others and is important. Work is a major way for individuals to recognize and understand both who they are and why they exist in terms of making contributions to society that bring personal meaning and satisfaction to them. It is when persons regard what they are doing as work that productivity is maximized. Without work, the best a job can provide is economic security benefits -- which may not be enough to motivate the employee to perform in a maximally productive manner. The goal of career development is ensuring that the individual finds work as well as a job."1

"... The development of a person's career is a lifelong process. ... 'Career development' is the total constellation of psychological, sociological, educational, physical, economic, and chance factors that combine to influence the nature and significance of work in the total lifespan of any given individual"1.

I define LifeWork is a special kind of "work" that rises out of your dreams. LifeWork elevates "work" to a higher emotional and spiritual plane where you fulfill your dreams or your destiny or what you were meant to be/do, or you find your "voice" or your calling or your soul's code.

We all do some amount of career development (CD), but it is usually when we are in the midst of a major transition. Only a few people consider CD to be a lifewide and lifelong process that is essential for preparing for future transitions. Even fewer want to invest the time and energy to plan and develop their careers so they increase their chances that their day-to-day work matches or exceeds their dreams. I call that focused activity by the few as  LifeWork planning.

LifeWork planning involves a constellation of activities such as personal and career education and personal and career development that helps you smooth out lifework transitions, make a good living and live a good life, and improve your quality of lifework.

LifeWork Planning Services (LWPS) is not a state-based career information delivery system (CIDS), or Career One-Stop, or an assessment resource. However, it  will contain numerous links to them.

If you are new to LifeWork Planning Services (LWPS) and came here from the "Before you register" milepost in the Roadmap, click click here to return to that section.

Otherwise, go to the milepost Understanding "considered and informed career decisions". 

1 Career Development: A Policy Statement of the National Career Development Association Board (Adopted March 16, 1993; revised 2003) (PDF 6 pages; HTML version).

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