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Career Information Delivery Systems (CIDS) :: Blog
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Career Information Delivery Systems (CIDS) :: Blog

March 07, 2008

NOTE: This is a draft and subject  to change. Links are not set up properly yet.

A Career Information Delivery Systems (CIDS) is a computerized career and educational exploration program that is based upon one of ? career information systems listed below..

  1. intoCareers developed and manages the Career Information System (CIS) which is " ... an annually updated, comprehensive, user-friendly career and educational exploration program. More than 7,000 schools and state agencies throughout the United States currently use CIS. It is available for Windows, Macintosh, and on the Internet. Localized versions of CIS are available in 17 states and can be obtained from CIS Operators."

  2. (Other developers will be listed in this page in the future.)

Almost every state in the USA has a CIDS.

Use one of the following websites to locate CIDS in your state.

  1. America's Career Network state locator : Find your state then go to the bottom to find your state's CIDS. For example, I live in Washington, Here is Washington's ACRN webpage, and the Washington CIDS - WOIS - is listed at the bottom of that page. Most Washington schools offer WOIS.

CareerOneStop job banks

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May 26, 2006

Tami Palmer WOIS/The Career Information System

You (or anyone) can return to this post # 714 at any time by typing in "lifeworkps.com" in your browser then typing any one of the following "tags/keywords" into the Search box that is in the right sidebar: Tami Palmer, Tami, Palmer, WOIS, CIDS.

It would be best if you could keep this post in one window on your computer, and create a new window when you click on links in this post.

The purpose of my call

The purpose of my call is to give you a brief (10 minute) demonstration a new state-of-the-art Internet based learning platform called LifeWork Planning Services (LWPS) to show you how it might (someday) be a perfect add-on to WOIS to provide WOIS users with a virtual learning space where they can connect and collaborate with others.

I just want you to be aware of LWPS and that ...

  1. I started developing it on 2/5/2006 - after incubating ideas for it on a cyber counseling community on Elgg (I won't go into that a this time),
  2. LWPS is my passion and that I spend many hours a day working on it,
  3. that LWPS is an infant, has a long way to go to maturity and is only about 10% complete,
  4. several career counselors are interested in the idea of it, (particularly a career cybercounseling environment),
  5. it is the topic of three (3) presentations at the NCDA Chicago conference (PDI # 5, Session 212 and roundtable 8-8),
  6. and that, someday, I hope to see LWPS integrated into all CIDS.

The value and purpose of LWPS

The value of LWPS is

  1. having one place to collect every significant element and activity about your lifework,
  2. finding each post quickly and easily so you can maintain it and reflect upon it, and
  3. knowing that you have a virtual community of people ready to help you with any issues that may arise while you are doing your lifework planning.

LifeWork planning involves a constellation of activities such as personal and career education and personal and career development. LWPS will be a platform where other users can offer their services to help you smooth out lifework transitions, make a good living and live a good life, and improve your quality of lifework.

Create LWPS posts like "My values", “My interests”, “My accomplishments”, “My Functional Transferable Skills”, “My …”, etc.. (Click on this tag “My” to see a sampling of these posts.) Each post you create, either in private, public or shared with a few others, is your virtual place where you can reflect upon what you wrote, edit it, develop it, link to other ideas and resources, then reflect some more. This process soon takes you on a path of self-discovery that most have never experienced before, particularly when you invite others to interact with you.

The purpose of LifeWork Planning Services (LWPS ) is to provide a virtual learning space where members can interact with others to collect, discuss, reflect upon and manage the significant elements and activities of their lives and work so they can create short and long term plans to achieve soul-satisfying harmony and happiness.

The demo

  1. We are viewing post # 714 in the LWPS CIDS community weblog (blog). All posts are purposeful, not chit-chat. For example, click here to see a chronological listing of the titles of about 400 of my LWPS posts. Click here to view a much smaller subset listing of those posts that I think most WOIS users might want to create for themselves in their private weblog space or in a shared workspace. Ultimately, most of these key posts will be summarized in "My LWP (My LifeWork Profile)".
  2. WOIS offers many places (I.e. WOIS Portfolio) to store information like this about each user, but I do not see a shared workspace.
  3. Here is the footer for most WOIS webpages. [ Home | WOIS Online | Assessments | Occupations | Programs | Schools | Military | Tools | Search].
  4. The purpose of this demonstration is to ask you to consider the possibilities of WOIS offering a Shared Workspace to its clients, resulting in a new footer that looks like this
  5. [ Home | WOIS Online | Assessments | Occupations | Programs | Schools | Military | Tools | Search Shared Workspace]
  6. If we have time, let me show you how WebCT has integrated Elgg into their platform via a Shared Workspace link. (Screen cast) Note: When you start the demonstration, know that you can pause it (as well as go forward and backward) by using the controls at the bottom of the webpage. Just scroll down till you see the control bar.
  7. I will be integrating the National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG)into LWPS and offering templates that users can use to create posts for each of 76 Goal Indicators. Here is post # 327 for Goal PS1: Develop understanding of yourself to build and maintain a positive self-concept.
  8. Other services will also be integrated into LWPS, including career cybercounseling from certified counselors.

LWPS/Elgg features and functions (A very quick overview)

  1. Elgg is the Open Source software that powers LWPS.
  2. Tagging posts with pertinent keywords is the connective tissue in this system. It not only aids in organizing the posts, it also promotes social and professional networking. This is my "tagcloud" - an alphabetical listing of all of the tags I have used in all of my posts. They are all hyperlinks to each of those posts. More frequently used tags have larger font sizes.
  3. Each post is easily and quickly accessible via keywords (tags) and hyperlinks. When sufficiently developed, this virtual mirror of one's self begins to take on the aura of a "virtual soul" which becomes even more powerful when distant family, friends, peers, mentors, counselors, etc. are invited to interact with you in your virtual (LWPS) and real environment.
  4. Each post can be private, public or accessible by one or more people - such as a counselor, teacher, parent, friends, peers, potential employer, etc.
  5. ePortfolio (eP) development (see my LWPS Profile) is rudimentary at the moment but will expand as Elgg (and LWPS) develops. The Elgg Roadmap has a line item to develop CV/Resume creation functionallity.
  6. Here are all of the people on the Elgg development platform who are interested in ePortfolios in some manner. The Elgg developers are keenly aware of the dichotomy between institutionalized ePs and learner centric ePs, as well as issues of interoperability. They have formed and will form alliances to address these issues in the near future.

I'm going to stop here to answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to register for an LWPS account (it's free and easy), just click here and start with Lesson 1.

WOIS/The Career Information System

http://www.wois.org -
Washington Occupational Information Service
Tami Palmer Deputy Director, WOIS/The Career Information System 1-800-700-WOIS (9647) tami@wois.org

WOIS password thru Sat is metal, name = guest

WOIS ePortfolio

My Profile

Assessment Results
Best Works
Career Research
Cover Letter Management
Educational Planner
External Links
File Management
Resume Management
School Involvement
School Research
Work or Community Experience

Local high schools

Chimacum High School webpage | Counseling Office webpage with WOIS link
Port Townsend High School webpage (I don't see WOIS) | Counseling Office

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