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February 2006

February 22, 2006

NOTE: This is a draft and subject  to change. Links are not set up properly yet.

There are twenty plus (20+) key decisions you need to make during your journey. Some are repeated.

Click on the "D" link below that best matches the next decision you think you will need to make in your journey to "make your dreams your LifeWork".

  • D1 - Is LifeWork planning worth the effort? (for the parent)
  • D2 - Is LifeWork planning worth the effort? (for the child, adolescent, or adult)
  • D3 - What do I want to do when I grow up?
  • D4 - Which occupation do I want to pursue?
  • D5 - Which school do I want to attend?
  • D6 - Which employer has the best job (LifeWork) for me?
  • D7 - What would I do if I had all the money I needed?
  • D8 - What will people say about me after I am gone?
  • D9 - (more later)

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February 27, 2006

LifeWork planning passes through three (3) major phases: 1) (re)searching, 2) (re)defining and 3) (re)finding your LifeWork. Career counselers refer to these phases as 1) career exploration, 2) career preparation and 3) career decision making.

"3 Phases" is one of four approaches - listed above - to do LifeWork planning and decision making. You should perform the planning and decision making activities in the sequence defined in each approach. It is easier if you start when you are young and complete the process slowly over time - usually between the ages 13 and 17.

  1. # Phase 1: (Re)searching/career exploration: I've lost touch with my LifeWork or never (re)searched or (re)defined it. Using the "10 Rs" you need to start at Age ~13 (even if you are (much) older) and complete all the documents/templates in the LW (e)Portfolio and also understand the 7 Stages, 9 transitions, and 20+ decisions. LifeWork planning is a lifelong process. 
  2. # Phase 2: (Re)defining/career preparation: I've completed Phase 1 and now need to (re)define my LifeWork in  my "My LifeWork details" and sumarize those details in "My LifeWork Profile(s)". Start at Age ~15 even if you are (much) older.
  3. # Phase 3: (Re)finding/career decision making: I''ve completed Phase 2 - my "My LifeWork details" and sumarized those details in "My LifeWork Profile(s)" (or "My Resume") - and now I need to (re)find where I want to do my LifeWork. Start at Age ~17 even if you are (much) older.









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