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LifeWork planning process :: Blog :: Understanding "Informed and considered career decisions"

April 28, 2008


Informed and considered career decisions lead to higher incomes, fewer bouts and shorter durations of unemployment, better matches of person and work resulting in less turnover, better health for the employee and the employee’s family, and fewer instances of work-related stress, depression, and violence, which lead to savings in training, social welfare, criminal justice, and health-care costs.

Informed and considered career decisions  "... represent a match of person and work in which the individual’s skills, interests, values, beliefs, and purposes fit, align with, inform, and contribute to work, and work contributes to the individual’s well-being and life goals."1

Informed and considered career decisions are the product of a career development process that includes

  1. creating awareness of options,
  2. exploring possible career pathways,
  3. reviewing available information,
  4. clarifying interests, values, and skills through assessment,
  5. reflecting upon experiences,
  6. relating education and training options to occupational goals,
  7. experimenting through work sampling, volunteering, or employment,
  8. consulting with knowledgeable people in the field of interest,
  9. formulating plans for education, training, career entry, and retraining,
  10. making decisions and refining plans,
  11. implementing and adapting plans, and
  12. applying the career development process throughout the lifespan.1

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1 Gillie, S., & Isenhour, M. (2003). The Educational, Social, and Economic Value of Informed and Considered Career Decisions. Fall 2003, http://inpathways.net/_acrna/iccd-sub1.pdf (p. 18) extracted 4/14/2008. Also see this topic in Career Development Forums.

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Posted by Pete Hubbard (LWPS Founder) @ LifeWork planning process

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