For Sale: 1987 Eagle bus 86%1complete conversion $159,000

"Puff" is a superb foundation to build the luxury coach of your dreams. All you need to add are cabinets, wall and ceiling covering and a final coat of exterior paint.

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The foundation - major specifications

  1. 40 feet long, 13' 2" tall; 40,000 lbs
  2. Diesel, in one 139 gallon tank, is the only fuel. It serves the engine, the genset and Webasto heater. (See Fuel efficiency below.)
  3. 450 HP Cummins ISM electronic engine (7.3 MPG average over past 49k miles. See Fuel efficiency below.)
  4. 13.5 KW Generator on slideout in front. (Can simulataneously handle 3 a/c units, 220v cook top (all 3 burners), microwave, hot water heater, and charge 8 6-volt batteries)
  5. Structural conversion performed by Morrison's V.I.P. Coach (About) - Five (5) photos of our conversion in the Photo Gallery
    1. 14' slideout w/roof canopy
    2. 13.5KW diesel on slide in front. (800 hours)
    3. Flat floor from front to back with side entrance
    4. Webasto diesel hot water: three (3) zone heating system; 20 gal. domestic hot water
    5. (3) 110V roof air conditioners
  6. 8 tires (front steering "H" Toyo's purchased 5/2008)
  7. 8 new Trojan batteries (9/2008)
  8. Trace 2500 watt Inverter SJ2512
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Minor specifications

  1. 24 CuFt house refrigerator (110v)
  2. 3 element/burner 220v flat glass surfaced burner (You need a 50 amp camp hookup, or the generator to be on)
  3. 26" flat screen LCD TV (We move our DirecTV receiver from our home into Puff when we travel, so no receiver goes with the sale. However, the controller that automatically finds and locks the satellite dish remains with Puff.)
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Chronology (reverse) - What has been added/done recently

  1. 9/10/11 - Reduced price to $150,000
  2. 10/15/09 - Replaced slide-topper awning - Camping World $400.
  3. 7/21/09 - Maint: 58033 miles - labor $432 + parts $304 = $798.91 Inv 008465
  4. 9/12/08 - 8 new Trojan L16H batteries - $2400
  5. 7/21/08 - Puff maintained every year before or after our annual trips. (I'll add those times here later.):
  6. 6/29/08 - Replaced electric windshield wiper control unit because intermittent function failed - $140
  7. 6/5/08 - New Tire Sentry receiver - $150
  8. 5/2008 - Two front steering "H" Toyo tires - $900
  9. 8/2007 - Pergo flooring - $1200.
  10. .
  11. .
  12. 8/2000 - Purchased bus fully seated. It was used to shuttle servicemen on/off a base in Washington state. Luggage bays were locked and never used. The only rust is the interior of the engine compartment door. It's excellent condition exceeded about 25 other Eagles I had seen.
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What is incomplete

  1. Cabinets
  2. Intererior finishing (walls and ceilings, and trim for Pergo flooring).
  3. Exterior paint (there is only a primer coat on the aluminum and fiberglass surfaces)

1Approximately $30k to complete. Total value = $220k. So per-centage complete based upon value = $190k/$220k = 86%

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Status of systems and equipment

I've rated the following systems and equipment from excellent to poor.

  1. Excellent
    1. Engine and drive train
    2. Torsialastic suspension (at leats 6 inches of thread)
    3. Two (2) front steering "H" Toyo tires purchase 5/2008 for $900
    4. Potable water system: Two (2) 60 gallon tanks for RV park water; two (2) 60 gallon tansk under bed for water from our well to be used in refigerator water dispenser adn hot water dipenser. Two (2) 12 volt pumps for eeach. Total of 240 gallon potable water storage.
    5. Grey and black water system and electric valves
    6. 12v electrical with 8 new Trojan L16H high capacity batteries
    7. New Tire Sentry receiver purchased 6/5/08 for $150
  2. Good
    1. Rear drive tires
  3. Fair
  4. Poor
    1. .

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Full disclosure

NOTE: Costs associated with fixing, repairing or replacing any of the following items have already been deducted from the sale price listed above.

  1. Two front windshields have cracks from rock hits. We will not get new ones as long as they do not leak or present a dnager.
  2. Genset is somewhat noisy inside.
  3. Speedometer is 3 MPH slower than actual (based upon GPS readings).
  4. Fuel gauge 30 g left at half full
  5. Heat and defrost up front not great.
  6. You must shift manually to 3rd when trans lugs going 52 mph up a grade.
  7. Not all gauges have working lights
  8. Side mirrors are tarnished from salt water and aluminum on right mirror is scratched (by a truck and by me touching a barbed wire fence)
  9. No latch on screen door.
  10. Brake lghts stay on SOMETIMES after ignition switch is off. I have a switch to turn off. Can't figure out cause, yet.
  11. Tag in front = more storage, but longer turning radius
  12. I have service manuals
  13. Internet dish removed 8/09 because a component was bad and I could not find a replacement- I had a Hughes Network Broadband Internet dish mounted on the roof with easy access from inside via a roof vent and and a collapsable ladder.

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Fuel efficiency

  1. Puff gets 7.6 MPG on the flats and 6.6 in mountains for an average (over the past 49k miles) of 7.3 MPG for each of our 3 month 9,000 mile annual trips around the perimeter of the country.
  2. NOTE: Our 3 month 10,000 mile annual trip around the perimeter of the country to see family and friends currently costs about $9000 which is primarily fuel (10k/7mpg=1428g*$5/g= $7,142). If we used planes, hotels, car rentals, eating out, etc. the cost would be almost double at $15,000. If diesel increases to the following amounts, we still save with "Puff" until we reach about $10/gallon.

    Diesel $/g With Puff Planes, car rental, hotel, eat out Savings with Puff

Pictures by location from front to back

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13 KW Diesel Generator

  1. Easily supplies power for all electrical needs including 3 ACs, 3 burner stove, microwave, battery charging, etc.
  2. On a slide in front for maintenace access.
  3. NEG: Noisy inside.
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Unique Operating Procedures

  1. Each of the three (3) a/c units can be controlled by a 12v relay so one (normally the front a/c) can be turned on/off from the driver's area.

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