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This platform will be deleted at COB on July 1st, 2013. Please COPY all text that is important to you.

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Welcome Guest

Welcome to LifeWork Planning Services (LWPS)
where you "make your dreams your LifeWork"

Your LifeWork is work that gives you joy.
And the work that you enjoy doing is what defines your LifeWork 2.

Sections are disorganized, some links are dead, words are mispelled, etc..
Even though I work on it almost daily, it will be a long time before it is complete.

There are hundreds of pieces of key information about yourself and thousands of pieces of key information about the world of work that you need to research, collect and prioritize now and over your lifetime, if you want to 1) know who you are, so you can 2) (re)define and 3) (re)find your LifeWork.

I am developing twenty four (24) free Google Templates (GTs) in my Google Template library 3 which you can use to edit to your own needs to collect, list and prioritize that information. FOLLOW my progress on twitter.com/lifeworkps.

Four (4) of the 24 GTs deserve special mention. (Hover your cursor over - (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) - to learn what each of those links below means.)

  1. The most important GT is your "A: My One Page LifeWork Profile (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM)" which you will develop to summarize all of the other GTs. It contains - on one page - the key words/phrases that define you and your LifeWork. Print it, carry it with you and periodically review, reflect, and revise it to perfect it.
  2. The second most important GT is your "B1: My LifeWork Details (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM)" which you will use to (re)define your LifeWork.
  3. The third most important GT is your "B2: My Plan to (Re)Find My LifeWork (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM)".
  4. The fourth most important GT is your "B3: My LifeWork ePortfolio (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM)" which you will use to collect links to all 24 GTs and use as a Table of Contents in your LWP Notebook.

A LifeWork Planning Roadmap will guide you through the process of creating and developing your own version of each of these four (4) and the remaining 20 GTs. It is divided into the following three (3) Phases.

  1. Phase 1: (Re)searching you and your LifeWork (career exploration): Even if you are (much) older, start with at Age ~13 in the Roadmap to (re)search or (re)define your LifeWork. Continually use the "10 Rs" to complete a set of Google Templates to identify and prioritize key information about yourself such as your values, interests, skills, etc.. (Please read this post about why I chose "Age ~nn"as labels for these process steps.)
  2. Phase 2: (Re)defining my LifeWork (career preparation): Continue at Age ~14 to complete the second set of GTs to (re)define your LifeWork in your version of your "B1: My LifeWork Details". Summarize those details in your version of your "A: My One Page LifeWork Profile".
  3. Phase 3: (Re)finding my LifeWork (career decision making): Continue at Age ~17 to complete the third and last set of GTs to develop your "A: My One Page LifeWork Profile" and your "B2: My Plan to (Re)Find My LifeWork".

The Roadmap also includes references to the following three (3) additional approaches to LifeWork planning.

  1. 7 Stages: The seven (7) stages of career/LifeWork planning/development range from childhood to retirement. If you have never done any LifeWork planning, you should start at Age ~13 even if you are an adult. Start at Age ~12 if you are uder 13 years old.
  2. 9 transitions: There are nine (9) key transition/turning points in your lifetime that should cause you to reflect upon and revise contents of your B3: My LifeWork ePortfolio and your A: My One Page LifeWork Profile summary of those contents. Understand how luck and happenstance will affect your life and learn how to Plan (for your) Luck.
  3. 20+ key decision: Sometime during these 3 phases, 7 stages and 9 transitions, you will need to make one or more of these 20+ key decisions. You will be using a six (6) step decision-making process.

1 ^ "Make your dreams your LifeWork"
2 ^ "LifeWork" defined
3 ^ Most of these Google Templates (GT) are still under construction. While viewing the GT library, just click on the "Use this template" button and the template will appear in your Google Docs account. Read this before you create your Google account.

Click the "LifeWork Planning Services" title in the banner above on any page anytime you want to return to this home page.

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Creative Commons License
LifeWork Planning Services (LWPS) web pages and Google documents by LifeWork Planning Services is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


  1. Send improvements to templates@lifeworkps.com
  2. The changes below will be noted in the Status of 24 LifeWork planning documents/Google Templates. I recommend that you click here to create a Google Calendar event to remind you to review it.
  3. V 30.4 - 11/12/10 - Just started this change section.